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    About Paul Generale

    Executive Healthcare Administrator in Dallas

    As the executive vice president of the leading Catholic healthcare system CHRISTUS Health, Paul Generale manages strategy, development, and acquisitions for the over 600-center network. With a background in healthcare administration and business, Paul Generale has worked with CHRISTUS hospitals and offices located in Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Dallas and Houston, Texas.

    Generale formerly functioned as CHRISTUS Health’s senior vice president of financial operations and ambulatory services, during which time he was involved in such matters as corporate accounting, supply chain management, and market expansion strategy. He has previously sat on trustee boards for Houston Methodist St. John Hospital and the Baptist St. Anthony Health System. For the latter organization, he also served as the board vice chair. Additionally, he is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and belongs to the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

    Outside of his professional duties, Paul Generale is an active volunteer in his community. He also plans travel and deep-sea fishing adventures in his free time. He resides in Dallas with his family.

  • Experience

    Executive Vice President
    CHRISTUS Health

    Jun 2015-Present

  • Education 

    University of Houston, Clear Lake


    Baylor University


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